Pubs in Sunderland

Sunderland offers a few bars and pubs to grab a quick bite to eat or a drink and sit back and relax. The atmosphere is always relaxed, and the pubs offer a great insight into local life. The best pubs in town are:

Prior Sunderland

Prior Sunderland is a good time with a great value. The pub is where locals go to drink a pint and read the newspaper. Friends and family gather at the pub at night for some ale and good food while catching up on sport.

A warm and friendly staff greet guests while crowds can be heard reacting to Sky Sports matches in the background. Quiz night is held every Sunday night, and locals are pitted against each other to test their general knowledge – it’s a great time.

Guests can show off their skills at the pool table.

Lunch is very reasonable, with two courses costing just 6.95 pounds.

Chips are homemade, and all food is sourced locally. The pub is a great value for the money. The Meadow Burger is another big hit among patrons and is a must-have menu item.

Ashbrook Public House

The Ashbrook Public House melds great Italian food into a British pub. The unique combination works well, and the atmosphere offers one of the best pub experiences in town. A unique trait of this pub is that they go to great lengths to accommodate their guests.

Guests often request items not on the menu, and when possible, the staff will cook it up.

First class service isn’t the only reason to frequent this pub: the bar is great, too. An extensive wine list is available. The interior of the venue has been refurbished recently to provide an upscale look that is both comfortable and “rich.”

As a pub still trying to make the experience a night to remember, the Ashbrook Public House started a grill night a year ago that’s been a big hit. The night is on Sunday, and guests are encouraged to treat themselves to the mixed grill.

The New Derby

The New Derby is a British pub that is open before lunch and closes in the wee hours of the night. Guests can pick among the menu’s delights, with the option to choose giant plates if you’re very hungry.

Families are welcome, and the venue is kid-friendly despite serving ale.

The venue has ample alcohol available, including:

Cask ales




Patrons on business are more than welcome to come in during the day to drink a cup of coffee and take advantage of free Wi-Fi. When the night hours creep up on patrons, they’re able to watch all major sports games on the pub’s many screens.

Starters and desserts can be ordered if you’re in the mood for something light, or you can order meals, including traditional pub food, such as burgers, fries or steak. A kid’s menu is available, too.

Smugglers Sunderland

A unique pub in the heart of Sunderland. The pub is on the Sunderland beachfront, so it offers a certain charm that others nearby don’t have. The North Sea blows wind right to the venue, allowing for a cool atmosphere.

You can spend a nice, relaxing evening by the sea when at Smugglers, but this pub has a lot more to offer than just the breeze. A band plays on Friday evenings, with some nights offering solos, trios and full bands that bring the pub to life.

Reasonable drink prices are provided, with ale on tap and bottles, too. Cheap drinks and good music is what you can expect at Smugglers. The venue itself is in need of updating, so expect the pub to offer a more “rustic” experience than others in the area.

Limited food options are offered, but the pub does allow dogs.

Oaktree Farm

Oaktree Farm offers a high-end experience for customers of all ages. A wide selection of ale and beer is available. Guests will enjoy an extensive menu with delicious pub food as well as fresh seasonal items, including vegetables, roasted meat joints and flavoured potatoes.

Homemade cakes are on the menu, and they’re some of the best in town.

Every Thursday the pub hosts a quiz night and offers prizes to the winner. Monday – Friday, the venue holds a Golden Years Menu that boasts 3 courses of delightful food to enjoy.

There is a family dining area for patrons that bring along their kids, and the area also has a kid’s play area for kids to get out their energy while the parents relax with a glass of wine. Ice cream is served, too, and guests are encouraged to go to the pub during the warmer months to enjoy a pint in the beer garden.