Tango Moderno

Tango Moderno celebrates the rhythm and the heat of tango. Starring Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, this spectacular show combines the tango style with theatrical flair to give audiences a show they won’t soon forget.

Vincent and Flavia, dance partners for more than 20 years, are world champions, West End stage stars and former favorites of Strictly Come Dancing.

The show will tour the UK through April 2018, with stops in Bristol, Aylesbury, Bromley, Newcastle, Birmingham, Sunderland, Woking, Edinburgh, Nottingham and more.

Vincent and Flavia are the most successful Latin American, Argentine Tango and Ballroom dancers in the world. They were the World Argentine Tango Show champions of 2005, the UK Argentine Tango champions of 2006, UK Professional Ten Dance champions of 2002 and the UK Professional Show Dance champions of 2003.

In 2012 and 2015 the dance partners received Olivier Award nominations in the Family and Best Entertainment categories. The duo has choreographed several shows, including:

  • Midnight Tango: A tango show set in Argentine and based on Argentine Tango.
  • The Last Tango: A story with an emotional plot, which featured several different genres of dance.
  • Dance ’til Dawn: A musical dance show featuring a slapstick murder-mystery plot.

The pair has also released a series of instructional DVDs related to Argentine Tango, Latin dances and ballroom dancing.

For three years, the duo was nominated for ‘Rear of the Year.’ They won the award in 2013, and were the first dance partnership to win in more than three decades.

The Vincent and Flavia brand also has an app, which is a free dance tutorial app that teaches users fundamental dance steps.

Vincent Simone is a professional dancer born in Italy. Dancing is in his blood. Both his parents were ballroom and Latin dancers, and his sister is a dance teacher.

Vincent has appeared on Strictly Come Dancing since the fourth series, and has had several partners on the show, including: Natalie Cassidy, Louisa Lytton, Rachel Stevens, Stephanie Beacham, Felicity Kendal, Edwina Currie and Dani Harmer.

Flavia Cacace is an Italian dancer, born in Naples. Along with Strictly Come Dancing, she has also appeared in The Magicians.

Simone and Flavia had the same dance teacher in London, and were both looking for partners. In 1994, they tried dancing together, and have been partners ever since.

Tango Moderno is the latest show from the tango duo, and promises to deliver a fresh but modern show.